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Here’s What You Should Do If Your Furnace Doesn’t Turn On!

Winter is almost here, and it’s time to prepare your furnace to provide warmth and work optimally in freezing winters. It is likely to switch on without incident, but what if your furnace won’t turn on?

Fortunately, it’s frequently simple to remedy the problem of a furnace that won’t start. However, if these DIY tips do not fix your furnace, you may call a furnace repair expert in Lake Dallas for a quick check.

Here's what you can do to fix your furnace

Here are some expert instructions that you can follow to start your furnace system:

  • Take A Look At Your Circuit Breaker And Switches

Some parts of a furnace run on electricity, even if you use a gas or propane fuelled furnace system. Sometimes, during cleaning, someone might have turned off the furnace power switch, or the circuit breaker might have tripped down due to electrical issues.

Check your circuit breaker panel to ensure that all of the switches for your HVAC system are turned on. Call the heating repair technician in Lake Dallas if the circuit breaker keeps tripping down.

  • Verify The Thermostat

Your furnace may need to turn on because the thermostat may have been reset or lost its programming. Someone might have changed the settings, which is why you should check the thermostat settings and confirm that it is selected for heat mode. Set the temperature to ten degrees hotter than the ambient temperature to test whether the system will operate.

  • Examine The Drain Pan

When the furnace works properly, the water must automatically be pumped out or drained away. A tripped float switch may keep your furnace from turning on if the pan is overflowing with water. There can be a blockage that obstructs the water path. Call the heating repair expert in Lake Dallas to replace the drain pan if it has cracks and for a quick inspection.

  • Verify The Air Filter

Dust gets collected in the air filter over time and as the furnace operates. It is best to replace your filter at the beginning of the winter because a clogged air filter can cause overheating, and your furnace will not start due to the safety feature.

  • Pilot Light Inspection

Many modern furnaces won’t turn on if the pilot light goes out. This safety measure is intended to stop pumping propane or natural gas into your home.

  • Check Your Oil or Natural Gas Supply

Your furnace might not turn on if there is an insufficient fuel supply. Ensure the gas valves are switched on because you might have turned them off in the summer. There might be a blockage in the gas pipe that restricts the flow. In the worst case, there might be a leakage in the gas pipe.

Bottom line,

If you have checked everything from above and your furnace still does not turn on or if you can smell gas or propane, you will need help from a professional HVAC technician. For furnace repair in Lake Dallas and the surrounding areas, call 2B Cool Services for prompt help when your furnace does not turn on at affordable rates. Call (940) 600-2997, and schedule a service today.