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How Do You Diagnose Home AC Problems?

Improper operation is one of the most typical air conditioning issues. In hot weather, it’s the air conditioners that haven’t been properly maintained that struggle the most. Knowing how to troubleshoot your AC so you can keep cool or knowing when to call for AC repair in Lake Dallas, Tx, will ensure you don’t lose your cool once the weather warms up. Here are some typical air conditioner problems and what you can do to resolve them to assist you with AC troubleshooting.
  • The Ac Refuses To Work

One of the most common AC problems is that it won’t turn on. When you turn on the light, you are confronted with nothing instead of being greeted by cold, refreshing air. Usually, the problem is a shortage of power. Look for a blown breaker or a tripped fuse in your breaker box. With the flip of a switch, you might be able to solve this AC problem. If it doesn’t work, look at your thermostat’s wiring. Your unit may be unable to switch on due to a loose or frayed wire.
  • A Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat to which your air conditioner is attached can also cause problems with the control center. Double-check that your thermostat is set to the proper temperature. To function effectively, even digital thermostats must be calibrated. Calibration is what informs your home’s air conditioner to kick on when the temperature reaches a particular level. Both older and modern thermostats can be re-calibrated by AC installation service in Lake Dallas, TX.
  • Problems With Leaks and Drainage

The air conditioner distributes cool, refreshing air throughout your home via ductwork. Warm air is drawn from the house and carried to your air conditioner for treatment and cooling. Air cannot flow freely if the ducts are unclean, clogged, or leak. When it’s humid outdoors, check the condensate drain to ensure it’s not clogged and draining correctly. If your room air conditioner isn’t level, it cannot drain effectively. If you’re unsure, hire an expert to do a comprehensive inspection.
  • Air Conditioning Makes Noise

To cool the air, your system has a fan that blows indoor air over the evaporator coil. Fan motors are a common source of noise, and they can be harmed by dirt and debris, worn belts, or decaying bearings. If noise is noticed when performing air conditioning troubleshooting, turn off your unit and contact Ac repair in Lake Dallas, TX, to avoid further damage.
  • Not Cooling Enough

If the refrigerant level is low, it was likely undercharged during installation or leaks. Heat and humidity cannot be effectively removed from the air without the proper refrigerant level. Low refrigerant in an air conditioner system is often a symptom of a leak, and you’ll need a trained AC installation service in Lake Dallas, TX, to fix it. We can help you recognize your AC problems and solve them. To schedule an AC repair in Lake Dallas, TX, or the surrounding regions, call (940) 600-2997.