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How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Furnace?

Are you thinking about replacing your furnace or installing a new heating system? Many homeowners in colder climates want a heating system that can operate optimally at any temperature. When the winter arrives, your furnace will be the foundation of much warmth and comfort, so you don’t have to pile an endless number of blankets to stay warm.

However, before opting for a heating replacement in Lake Dallas, it is crucial to consider whether a new furnace should be in your plan. And, if so, what sort of furnace will best meet your requirements?

The Price Difference Between Gasoline, oil, and Electric Furnaces

There are more furnace options than you may realize! Each type of furnace serves a distinct purpose and provides different benefits. While all furnaces get designed to keep you comfortable in your house, each of the furnaces listed below has advantages and disadvantages. The price will differ depending on the type of furnace.

  • Installing a Natural Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are the most prevalent type of furnace in houses today. Gas (methanol) is fed into the municipal line, sparking the gas burner, and the hot combustion gas subsequently increases the rate of heat transfer.

Natural gas furnaces require overall less yearly costs and are less jeopardizing to the environment than oil/propane furnaces. However, a gas line must be installed near your home site, which may not be the case in more rural regions.

Average Installation Cost – $2000 to $7000

  • Installing a Propane Furnace Setup

Propane furnaces are an excellent choice in locations where natural gas or other materials are in limited supply. On the other hand, heating costs vary substantially depending on the furnace efficiency you select.

A propane tank would also need to remain erect, and the cost of propane gas varies depending on where you live. When propane is released, it converts to gas, which burns and heats up, forcing hot air through the ducts.

Average Installation Cost – $2200 to $5700

  • Installing an Oil Furnace

A pressure stove is another name for an oil furnace. High-pressure oil gets poured into a combustion process, where it is sparked- by an electric spark. As the oil vapor is sprayed, the oil continues to burn. Oil also burns quicker than gas, generating the most heat. In addition, heating the oil furnace costs more than a gas furnace in the long term.

Average Installation Cost – $3,000 and $5,000.

  • Installing an Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces use only electricity and stand as the most effective home heating appliance. However, it results in higher electricity expenses in the long run. They also require less labor to construct than a gas furnace. Therefore, it is crucial to have the proper furnace for the size of your home. Otherwise, it will run continuously or turn on and off too regularly, wearing it down.

Average Installation Cost – $2000 to $6000

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