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How to Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit?

An air conditioner keeps our home and us cool. But there may come times when your unit suddenly stops working. Under such circumstances, you should know how to troubleshoot it on your own. A fast reset can remedy certain AC unit problems. Turning it on and off is a tried-and-true way to recommend whether the complete unit is not functioning or your outside unit is not running. However, If still there is a problem, look for AC repair in Lakes Dallas, TX.

Using a Reset Button To Restart The Air Conditioner

1. Locate the reset button Reset buttons are found on the majority of air conditioners, making it easier to do so. A reset button is a little red button that is usually labeled as such. If you can’t find the reset button, consult the manufacturer’s manual to see if your air conditioner has one. 2. Push the reset button Long-press the reset button on your air conditioner for about three seconds when you discover it. Wait to see if the air conditioner turns on right away. Check for power and long-press the button again for three seconds if the AC unit does not reset. The air conditioner should beep three times and then reset.

What if There Isn’t a Reset Button on Your Air Conditioner?

  If your unit does not have a reset button, you can manually reset it by following these steps:
  • Turn off the electricity to the compressor unit, which is usually placed next to a shutoff panel.
  • Turn off the electricity to the unit using the breaker in your circuit breaker box.
  • Disconnect the system and unplug the unit from the power supply board.
  • After 30 minutes, reconnect the unit.
  • Switch on the 240-volt circuit to allow current flow after waiting 30 minutes and plugging the AC unit back in. To power the AC system, turn on the plug socket as well. Before turning on the power, make sure the unit is set to “cool.”

AC Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting

  • Turn off the power source
To switch off the air conditioner, locate the button and press it. This is a crucial step in ensuring your safety when working on the air conditioner.
  • Remove the power cord from the outlet
Remove the power cord from the power outlet once the power has been turned off. Wait 60 seconds after turning off the circuit breaker attached to the air conditioner before turning it back on.
  • Reconnect the cord and switch it on
After more than 60 seconds, fully connect the power cord back into the wall. Then switch on the power source. Run the air conditioner to test if it now functions properly. If it still doesn’t work, try plugging another device into the power outlet to see if the outlet is functioning properly. Contact ac service in Lake Dallas, TX for assistance. Look for an air conditioning installation near me or call us at (940) 600-2997 for the greatest air conditioning services in Lake Dallas, TX.