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Is There a Reset Button on an AC Compressor?

Do you know what to do if your AC stops working at night? Well, in case it happens, do not panic. All you need to do is reset the air conditioner. But what is the process of resetting the air conditioner? We have specified everything about the reset button in this article!

What is a Reset Button, and How to Find it?

The function of the reset button is simple. Its role is to start the air conditioner again. When you face an issue while operating the AC and feel the AC is stuck, this button might come in handy!

Some AC models come with this functionality. It can be located easily in the outdoor AC unit installed in the backyard. If you can find a big, red button inside or anywhere along the edges of the outdoor unit, then that is the AC reset button!

How to Reset the Air Conditioner?

You have to follow a few steps for resetting the AC if you have found the red reset button.

Step 1. Find the red reset button in the AC unit.

Step 2. Unplug the AC machine and wait 15 seconds before plugging back in.

Step 3. Now, press and hold the reset for around three seconds and check if the AC starts again automatically.

Step 4. Repeat the procedure if the AC does not start.

Step 5. If the AC does not start after several tries, try turning on the AC switch in the circuit breaker panel.

How to Reset the AC if there is no Reset Button?

Step 1. Switch off the air conditioning system.

Step 2. Open the circuit breaker box and find the switch that connects the AC.

Step 3. Turn the switch down and wait for two minutes.

Step 4. Turn the switch on and wait for another 2 minutes.

Step 5. Check whether the reboot is successfully done by turning on the thermostat.

Things to be Taken Care of

While resetting the AC, if the following things happen, it is better to let the AC installation technician in Lake Dallas deal with the issue:

  • Check The Wires in the Electric Circuit Box.

Check the condition of wires in the electric circuit panel before finding the red reset button. Let the electrician deal with the system if you see the wires are exposed or loose connection. Handling exposed wires can be hazardous for health as it can cause electrocution.

  • The Breaker Panel Back Cover is not in its Place

It is better not to touch the electrical wires when you open the outdoor unit and notice that the circuit panel covering is removed. Ask a professional technician for help, and do not touch the breakers on your own.

  • The Electric Circuit Keeps Breaking Down

If every time you click the reset button and the circuit trips down, it needs immediate attention from a professional. It can be due to loose electrical wirings or exposed wires.

Never assume things on your own if you are unsure about the technical things. Call the AC repair technician in Dallas, TX, if you cannot find it or are confused regarding the reset button. 2B Cool Services HVAC center will help you out!