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Products and Services

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2B Cool Services carries Armstrong Air® and has been well selected to meet the expectations of our clients. We worked with many equipment manufacturers that have a track record of delivering equipment with superior quality and high durability.

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The Pro Series is about putting you in control. It’s about creating your environment, your way, every day. To make sure you get the exact system you need, the Pro Series includes a variety of equipment options that will let your Armstrong Air dealer design and build the ideal solution for your home.


The Comfort Sync thermostat puts advanced temperature monitoring and adjustment in your hands, no matter where you may be. Check and change the temperature in your home or set your system into an energy-saving Away Mode using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device. So you’ll always come home to the perfect temperature. Another incredible feature gives Comfort Sync the ability to email you and your dealer when routine maintenance or service needs to be performed. Each service alert and reminder is customizable for various time increments, depending on system requirements.

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Inside every Armstrong Air® furnace, you’ll find our proprietary heat exchanger with EHX Technology. Stainless steel plates are crimped together, rather than welded, to reduce fatigue from heat strain and improve durability. Compared to conventional heat exchangers, the patented design offers more surface area for greater heat transfer, and advanced airflow properties allow more even heat distribution with no hot spots.


Armstrong Air® Handlers are equipped with variable speed motors to help maintain consistent and even airflow. The variable speed motor featured on the BCS2V and EFV models gradually increases speeds from low to high. This helps keep noise levels to a minimum, remove humidity from your home and enhance indoor air quality. Both direct drive and variable speed motors are engineered to perform and built to last, so you and your family can always enjoy a cool and comfortable home. The Armstrong Air Handler comes in both a two-piece and a single piece design. With capacities from 1.5 to 5 tons, a variable-speed blower motor and a piston or factory-installed TXV.

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Mitsubishi Electric ducted and Non-ducted cooling and heating technology offers a welcome alternative to the traditional systems we all grew up with. Because it focuses on individual rooms and living spaces rather than on central air system, it’s more energy-efficient, more flexible, and easier to install – as proven by decades of successful use in Europe, Asia, and across the globe. It is not surprising that non-ducted is the fastest growing segment of the American air-conditioning and heating market. Mitsubishi products reduce energy costs and easily provide a solution for:

• Hot and cold rooms
• Additions and renovations
• Enclosed patios / garages
• Homes without space for ductwork
• Larger, multi-zone living spaces
• Entire homes




The best time to service your air conditioner is before it is actually needed. A planned schedule of preventive maintenance reduces the chance you will face a breakdown when you least expect it; it also saves your budget from unexpected expenses. Our main goal is to keep you and your household comfortable. Client satisfaction is the heart of our business. When you choose 2B Cool Services as your air conditioning provider, you have peace of mind in knowing that we are here to handle everything.

We have found that the most successful way to handle system mold is through Ultraviolet (U.V.) germicidal lights. We install the Fresh-Aire UV APCO in the ductwork of your central air system, which is designed to help reduce airborne odors, toxic chemical vapors, germs and mold in your home. The APCO system (Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation) is a new type of air purifier. The germicidal UV light and activated carbon cells inside APCO make it effective at reducing volatile organic compounds. Residential ultraviolet units are proved to be effective in killing mold and bacteria quickly. The UVC energy attacks the organism’s DNA and either destroys it or prevents it from multiplying.

2B Cool Services will quickly and efficiently build any necessary parts necessary to improve or repair the air ducts inside of your home or business. We have the capabilities to construct whatever is needed in less than a day in order to get you back on the road to comfort as quickly as possible!

Quality attic and wall insulation can help tremendously save energy costs. Based on an evaluation of your home or business we will determine which type of attic insulation services would best reduce your costs. 2B Cool Services offers many types of insulation services, including windows, garages, attics, sound for the residential community, as well as commercial companies.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are essential. We can provide placement recommendations as well as installation of the most effective detectors to keep your home safe from dangerous poison

Whether you are looking for a simple pre-fabricated box or a custom-built cold room, our trained We will find an affordable solution that works for you! We can also fabricate and customize walk-in coolers and freezers to meet all of your refrigeration needs

Allow our trained team to do an overall analysis of your home to determine efficient zoning for your ductwork. We can help divide your home’s ductwork into specific zones that can be controlled independently for a much more efficient and comfortable living environment.


Keep your system in tip-top shape with our Planned Maintenance Program! This preventative service includes an extensive analysis, adjustment and cleaning of your system to make sure it is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Don’t get caught in the summer heat or winter cold with a broken system, let us ensure that you stay up and running year round.


  • Evaporator Coil
  • Fan Blades
  • Start & Run Capacitors
  • Start & run delays
  • Flue
  • Flame Baffle
  • Combustion Air


  • Evaporator drain
  • Filters (or Replace)
  • Burners
  • Blower Wheel
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Heat Exchanger


  • Bypass Dampers
  • Thermostat Calibration
  • Operating Pressures
  • Burners
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Electrical Connections


  • Expansion Valve
  • Temperature Difference
  • Refrigerant Level
  • Voltage Differences
  • Amperage Draw
  • Gas Input
  • Fan Limit Switch