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Solve Furnace Problems With Nine Easy Fixes

Furnace problems are not that easy to solve, especially when there is something wrong with the interior components. But before you face a problem, here are some troubleshooting tasks that can help you with easy fixes.

  • Setting the Temperature

A lot of homeowners face thermostat issues, maybe there are constant short cycles or sudden cold and hot patches throughout the house. This is not because your furnace is dying, but because you have not set the thermostat settings right.

Sometimes the switch is located at an easily accessible place. Dusting or even children playing near it can make unintentional changes that will affect the temperature.

  • Filters

If you feel like something is burning inside your house, yet the fire sensors are not beeping, it might be because of a dirty air filter. Experts recommend changing filters at least once a month if the HVAC system is used constantly.

  • Circuit Breaker Problems

If there is a circuit breaker trip, your thermostat or the pilot light could have malfunctioned. This shuts the entire furnace off. If there is a greater safety hazard, the hike in voltage will be picked up by a circuit breaker.

  • Faulty Wiring

When you have a very old wiring system functioning in the house, your electricity-run furnace might stop working. Tighten loose connections and check for high voltage areas where you might have to change worn-out wiring links.

  • Fuel and Electricity Bill Hikes

As soon as you notice that electricity or fuel is being consumed, with a lesser amount of heating or cooling system efficiency, contact your nearby furnace repair lake Dallas. It is a clear indication of a complete furnace breakdown, which you can save in case you observe the energy consumption changes.

  • Pilot Light Problems

Sometimes you need to manually relight the pilot light if you get the hang of it from a technician personally teaching it to you, it gets even simpler than you imagine. Your manual can also give you the same insight but if you feel like a furnace pilot light fakes is not your cup of tea, get a hold of the best heating repair Lake Dallas.

  • Check Gas Valves

As per regulations, a gas cock or valve is located at least within 6 feet of the furnace. A professional will check it only when needed. In case something or someone has turned it off, get in touch with an expert. It isn’t recommended to try DIY fixes with furnaces.

  • Battery Trouble

Furnaces are powered by batteries that will beep or flash a symbol suggesting that it needs replacement. Always have an extra pair to avoid low battery problems.

  • Reset the Furnace

In case every fix fails, you can try resetting the furnace yourself or have an expert do it for you.

Professional Services

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