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Top Five Reasons Your Furnace May Not Be Igniting

With seasons changing and the cold weather settling in, all we want is to sit in our rooms and feel warm by our trusty little furnaces. Imagine you going to your furnace, picturing yourself sipping a cup of coffee as you make yourself home after a cold commute from work, only to find yourself frustrated because the furnace won’t start? Confused? Bewildered? Well, here are the top five reasons why your furnace might not be igniting.

  • Defective Thermostat: Your thermostat might not be set to the “heat mode” that it requires to ignite the furnace. Make sure that you set the thermostat to heat mode for your furnace to function. Apart from that, it might be possible that the sensors in the thermostat or its connections are faulty. You should promptly contact your heat service professional for further assistance.
  • Gas Line Issues: Your gas line might be the culprit of your malfunctioning furnace. Gas leaks, blocked lines and malfunctioning valves are some common gas line related problems. If at all you smell gas, move out of your house and call your HVAC expert and seek help.
  • Dirty Furnace Filter: When a filter has been there for a long time, it collects dust particles, which might get the filter dirty and lead to blockage and prevent the burner from igniting. Hence, replacing filters regularly is important.
  • Malfunctioning Lgnitor or Pilot Light:  Furnaces that use a standing pilot light to ignite burners sometimes won’t stay lit, or the light completely extinguishes. In furnaces with an electronic system to ignite burners, dirty or burnt igniters can prevent the ignition.
  • Broken Flame Sensor: A sensor’s function is turning off the gas burners to stop gas from building up. If the sensor is broken, it will hinder your furnace and does not let the burners ignite at all. Hence it is important that an expert take a look at this issue and fix it properly.

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