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What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad AC Compressor?

No matter whether the weather is treating you well or not, your air conditioner will compensate for such things. An air conditioner is a way to make your life favorable inside (house) and out (vehicle). These days having an AC is no big deal but maintaining it is. Repairing your AC may be hectic for you, you can reach out to us for the same. Most people don’t know if their AC is working well or not. An AC is a very complex form of a machine that has many parts in it. A compressor is one of the most important and expensive parts of your AC.

What Is An Air Conditioning Compressor?

In very simple words we can say a compressor compresses the air inside an AC. It converts electrical energy (electric supply) into machinery energy (cool air). It compresses the refrigerant in your system to cool down that hot humid area of yours.

What Are The Signs of a Bad A/C Compressor?

1. Disturbing loud noise when the compressor runs When the HVAC system operates, it tends to make some noise when it’s kicking on and off. But when the noise gets unusual and louder it’s a matter of concern. It can happen due to the failure of electrical components. It may create sound because of rattling around the inside of the condenser. 2. Moisture Leaks Most people don’t know about moisture leaks in AC compressors. The refringent helps the AC unit to convert warm air into cold air. 3. Circuit Breaker Tripping Circuit trips because it protects your home from a potential fire. Normally it happens when too many appliances run at the same time. When the circuit gets overloaded the compressor trips. Don’t just keep resetting the system back on! It needs to be fixed as soon as possible. 4. Compressing Warm Air Instead of Cool Air Air conditioner compressors can fail in various ways. When the compressor fails it does not successfully deliver cool air it may deliver warm air. 5. The Compressor Doesn’t Turn on When you switch on your AC it tends to run its compressor to deliver you cool air but when the compressor stops you won’t get any cool air. you receive fan air when the compressor doesn’t run, if you notice that the compressor is not running get its servicing done. 6. outside Unit Vibrates When You Start Your AC If you notice your condensing system shaking or vibrating whenever you turn it on, you should understand that the compressor is likely facing trouble in getting started It pushes itself so hard that it starts vibrating. 7. Reduced Airflow Reducing airflow is the very first warning sign of your bad AC compressor. This is hard to notice, but you can feel it by putting your hands near the vent. 8. More Electric Consumption This can only be noticed when you receive your electric bill. A bad compressor consumes more energy to provide cool air. With all the above-mentioned pointers, you can easily understand when to get your AC serviced. We will provide you with the best AC repairing experience at 2b cool service. You can reach us 24/7 to get any kind of HVAC service. Our very experienced technical team is here to serve you. Call us on (940)-600-2997 and get your problems fixed.