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What To Check If Your Furnace Isn’t Working?

Winter or summer, a faulty furnace can be annoying in its truest sense. What’s even more annoying is phoning a technician every time it dwindles; although you should leave the more complex part of the machinery to the professionals, there are quite a few things that you might be able to check yourself that can be causing the problem.

    1. Clogged Air Filter

Dirty air filters are the most common culprits and do not require a professional assistant to sort them out. The airflow from the registers will be considerably reduced if the air filter is totally clogged. You may go ahead and clean the filters according to the instructions in the manual. It should resolve your furnace issue.

     2. Faulty Pilot Light

Another common furnace problem is a faulty pilot ignition light. If you hear the furnace turn on but do not find it lit up, you likely have a problem with the ignition light. However, electronic ignitions will not have a pilot light, so the contributing factor might be something else. Usually, the furnace switches the thermostat on which starts the ignitor, hence starting the machine.

To begin with, you must refer to the manual for error codes in your furnace to be sure that there’s not a different, more troublesome issue with your furnace.

  • If everything seems good, turn off the furnace and cut off the gas supply.
  • Read the manual and follow the instructions to look for the ignitor/sensor after removing the front panel. The sensor may be packed with dirt and not relaying the information.
  • You may clean the sensor yourself but be very careful with it. Remove the sensor and clean the probe on the sensor with small grain sandpaper. Having done precisely that, replace everything as it was before dismantling and turn on the machine and gas supply. Take the thermostat to the maximum temperature to see if the furnace lights up. If not, you should seek a heating repair in Lake Dallas.

    3. Faulty Thermostat

Check the thermostat and set the temperature control dial above the current room temperature. Put the system switch on AUTO or HEAT position and the fan switch to “On” for continuous airflow. Now raise the thermostat to its highest temperature setting to turn the furnace on. You may put the fan switch to “AUTO” if you want air to blow only when the furnace is running.

    4. Power Supply Break

A furnace that runs on gas also uses electricity. Often the fuse or the circuit breaker of the furnace trips. Make sure you check whether the fuse is in the “On” position and try restarting the furnace.

    5. Gas Supply Issues

Having examined the rest, you may make a final check of the gas supply of the HVAC system and make sure the gas supply is not interrupted. If you find propane or any other gas leak, vacate your house immediately and call for an emergency furnace repair at Lake Dallas.

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