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Why is Your Furnace not Responding to Thermostat?

The thermostat is an important component of your furnace. Occasionally, it is normal for a furnace to face problems while working, which is why furnace owners should have the contact of a reliable HVAC company. Contact 2B Cool Services for affordable and honest HVAC furnace repair services in Lake Dallas and the surrounding areas.

Before contacting us, you can also try some DIY methods to make your furnace function again. One of the furnace problems you can try to fix yourself is when your furnace does not sync with your thermostat. If you know the possible reasons for this issue, you can try to fix them without professional help.

Why Is The Furnace Not Functioning According To The Thermostat?

Thermostat Issues

  • Low Batteries

Your thermostat needs batteries to operate efficiently. If the batteries are low or there is an issue with the power supply, the thermostat will malfunction. This malfunctioning will create differences between it and the furnace.

  • Wrong Settings

If you have a manual thermostat, ensure you set the thermostat in the right setting. Check its mode and temperature range to ensure that there is no input issue with the thermostat. Sometimes, owners put the wrong settings in the thermostat, resulting in issues.

  • Wrong Placement

If your newly-installed thermostat is creating problems for your furnace, the possible reason may be its placement. Your thermostat needs to be at the right place to detect a comfortable temperature for your home. It will not detect the required temperature for comfort if it is near a heat-generating appliance.

  • Compatibility Issues

If your newly-installed furnace cannot work properly with your old thermostat, you need to change your thermostat. An outdated thermostat cannot function with the latest furnace, and you may face issues. In such cases, installing a smart thermostat is your best solution.

Furnace Issues

  • Wiring Problems

A furnace has several wires, and factors like dust and dirt can damage them. Numerous factors can damage the sensitive wires in your furnace, and your furnace will begin malfunctioning. It would be best if you asked a professional technician to fix the wires.

  • Dirty Filters

If the filters stay clogged for a long time, the dirt on them will restrict the airflow. These restrictions create problems like overheating, short cycling, poor heating efficiency, and poor indoor air quality.

  • A Tripped Breaker

As you know, all electrical appliances have a breaker connected to them. Due to voltage differences, these breakers may trip to protect your appliance from high voltage. If the breaker of your furnace trips, it will not work, and the indoors will remain cold.

  • Leakages In The Ducts

Your home’s ducts carry hot air from the furnace to other parts of your home. If there are leakages in the ducts, the hot air will escape through them, and you will only receive cold air.


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